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The family of databases designed for use in daily practice

Design and Creation of Custom Databases

ASTRAL offers a complete range of services for people working in the health services sector

The license is product lease issued solely by the creator to allow specific user rights.

ASTRAL defines two kinds of licenses:

  1. Single Workstation License:
    When a user acquires a single workstation license he or she has the right to install and use the software on a single computer.

    For example:
    1 license = 1 workstation
    1 pharmacy = 1 license
  2. Multilicense:
    For a medical office, the buyer should determine the number of computers used (either locally and networked) or the number of physicians who will use the software.

    For example:
    2 pharmacies with the same owner and/or belonging to the same group = 2 licenses
    1 medical office = 1 license x number of physicians

If you are a company
We propose an annual price based on the type of use on the number of workstations as well as the type of service desired. Contact us for further information.

If you are an institution (University, Hospital, Clinic, Library, insurance company)
Institutions may benefit from a special multilicense price. This is still based on the number of users and/or the type of use (commercial, educational, etc.). Contact us for further information.