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The family of databases designed for use in daily practice

Design and Creation of Custom Databases

ASTRAL offers a complete range of services for people working in the health services sector

This bilingual web site for the general public, Safetravel® provides medical recommendations for travelers.
This web site has been created by the collaboration of Swiss university travel medicine centers in Geneva, Zurich, Bale and Berne and ASTRAL, a member company of the OFAC Group, that created the Tropimed program, one source of its contents. The recommendations provided are those of the Swiss Working Group for Travel Medicine Advising. Coordination is provided by the Travel and Migration Medicine Department at Geneva University Hospitals.
Started in Switzerland in 2000, this site is updated each week by a team of physicians and specialists.

This web site, created and sponsored by ASTRAL, is the display window for the Gentiana Fondation for the knowledge of medicinal plants on the Internet.

This database has been designed as a tool to help prescribe in every-day situations and it has been created by the collaboration of Dr Daniel Perrenoud (CHUV) and ASTRAL. Swiss Derma is a database designed for dermatologists and other health professionals involved in prescribing and recommending skin care products.