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The family of databases designed for use in daily practice

Design and Creation of Custom Databases

ASTRAL offers a complete range of services for people working in the health services sector

ASTRAL is committed to protecting your personal information while developing technologies that allow you to benefit from the advantages of the Internet in complete security.
ASTRAL guarantees the security of your personal information. Your personal information will never be shared outside of our company without your authorization. Within our company, the data is stored on servers with secure access.

Personal Information
In certain locations in this web site, such as when ordering products, downloading software or participating in contests, ASTRAL may ask for certain personal information for which you may be requested to enter information in an on line form. The personal information requested is limited to email address, language, country or place of residency.
If you order products from the site, ASTRAL may ask you for a credit card number.

The personal information may be used for three main purposes:

  1. To facilitate the use of the site by allowing you to enter information only once.
  2. To help us create and supply contents more appropriate to your needs.
  3. To keep you up-to-date regarding the availability of product updates, special offers, information modifications and other new services.

Information for Subscribers
ASTRAL may send you messages informing you of technical issues relating to a product or service that you have ordered. You may not choose to not receive these messages, because they are considered as part of client services.

Use of Cookies
When someone visits our site, a cookie is placed on the computer of the client (if the client accepts cookies) or it is read if the client has already visited the site. We do not use this technology to access your personal identification information on astral.ch but to create general statistics on the use of the www.astral.ch Internet site.

Most browsers are configured to accept cookies. You may also configure your browser to alert you to cookies that it receives and thus allow you to accept or reject the cookies. For some Web pages that require authorization, the cookies are not optional. Users who have decided to not accept cookies will probably not be allowed to access these pages.