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The family of databases designed for use in daily practice

Design and Creation of Custom Databases

ASTRAL offers a complete range of services for people working in the health services sector

Our expertise in document processing and managing our own databases allows us to offer our knowledge of design, analysis, programming and supervision of IT projects for health professionals.

ASTRAL offers management services for development of various projects at your request, from initial design to the final product.

In addition to the design, building and management of specialized databases, ASTRAL can also make the data available on different media (CD-ROM, web, etc.).

Recognized by numerous institutions as a company on the cutting-edge of technology, ASTRAL performs services for such clients as the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) and the Société Suisse de Pharmacie (SSPH) - the "Swiss Pharmacy Society".

We offer the following services:

  • Custom software and databases
  • Distribution of databases on different media
  • Integration and customization of ASTRAL databases in the corporate IT environment
  • Adaptation and updating of existing databases
  • Development of specific packages
  • Design and creation of web sites

For information on several projects that we have worked on click here.

Additional Information
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